FUNKSHION: Fashion Week Miami Beach 03/16/2012


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Miami’s Independent Thinkers Featured artist: Luis Arturo Mora at Haven at Haven South Beach.

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Warning: No Lifeguard on Duty by Luis Mora

Warning: No Lifeguard on Duty

by Luis Mora

There are times in life we don’t have a lifeguard on duty.  In Miami Beach this is true between 4:30PM to 9:30AM.  We are alone; I use these under cover hours to walk around and shoot every single tower to show the powerful colors, the atmosphere, the perspective and the incredible scenes and dynamics backgrounds.  I hope that you enjoy my captures and the emotions that I want to share through them.

Luis Mora’s photos appear in brochures, commercial presentations, international phone cards, websites and international architectural magazines.

Luis Arturo Mora Neuville

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Miami’s Independent Thinkers – 2011 – Art Basel – 3rd Edition Satellite Fair

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